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Why PVinsight

PVinsight extensive expertise and experience in the renewable energy industry can provide significant advantages for businesses and organizations seeking to develop or invest in renewable energy projects.

PVinsight provides a comprehensive range of services in renewable energy to help our clients achieve their project goals

IPP changes PV modules after 30% & 60% of design sets are completed

On many projects, we have had to incorporate new PV modules after completing 30% & 60% of design sets. We understand the market volatility so our initial approach is to bake in flexibility within our design. However, it’s not feasible to have full flexibility with all various PV module types. Hence, we perform redesign with no-change order for our clients. This is a true gesture of our partnership approach.

IPP changes contractor after 60% design is complete

The new EPC contractor has their preferred cable management approach for both DC and MV cables. PVI team worked with new EPC & IPP teams to optimize and re-do all cable management as needed.

IPP changes inverter & tracker supplier

Similar to PV modules, we also had two other major equipment supplier/configuration changes during design phase. This was also done with no-scope change order, aligned with the spirit of true partnership.

Since inception, we’ve successfully constructed solar plants up to 4GW and offered feasibility support to over 11GW solar projects across the USA.

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We take a holistic partnership approach. Acting as true partners to IPPs, we offer low-cost, flexible designs and no-scope change order solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients.
We have the quickest TAT as we understand the project development process inside-out. Our experts are committed to providing prompt design delivery.

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Our experts have over 12+ years of experience in the renewable energy sector, which enables them to provide exceptional value and insights to our clients.

As a part of our turn-key engineering services, we offer additional design-driven services, including procurement and overall constructability support.

PVI Key Differentiators: Overall value-added design services

Our additional design-driven services include Procurement support (techno-commercial analysis for the IPP procurement team to utilize) and overall constructability support (provide feedback to the client’s CM team during contractor/subcontractor selection). Below are a few examples of what services we have provided to date to other large IPPs across the USA.

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